Surgery update!

Where to begin..

Let’s start with my cataract surgery for my left eye. That was back in August, on the 18th to be exact.

Everything went well, it wasn’t painful like my right eye was.

It was a tad uncomfortable during but not after. It was the first time I’ve been able to see out of it for a year!

I’m so happy I can see out of both eyes, however, I do have UVitis which is causing inflammation  on the inside so while I can see quiet well, everything is STILL fuzzy.

I’ve seen my rheumatologist last week and I’m going to be switched to Humera since it helps treat my eye condition.

Here’s hoping!

Also, two weeks ago I seen a retina specialist-on the request of my primary eye doctor. He was worried about the immflamation and flashes of light I was seeing.

The retina specialist injected BOTH eyes, and well… Now I know what having acid being poured on your eyes feels like.

Holy shit for a solid ten minutes it burned.

I said “It burns!”

He said “Oh yeah”

I’m sitting there like, well it would’ve been nice to know before hand and that was WITH freezing.

I expected a lot from that adventure and when it didn’t immediately happen-by immediately I mean a week- I told him “This did nothing” That’s my polite voice, what I was really thinking was “This did jack shit”

He said “It can take up to three month for it’s full effect”

I said “What?!”

He turned around to me nodding saying “yeah”

I’m sitting there like, that would’ve been nice to know too. I have to go back in a month and see him to check my eyes and see if HE wants to cut my left eye open to ‘clean’ it.

What does ‘clean it’ mean? He said it’s like cataract surgery but it’s not cause he’s “just” clean out gunk.

At this point I’m like, just do it DO IT, when it comes to surgery. The only thing I hate is that damn IV in my hand-ugh.

I won’t know until I see him again, but he’s leaning towards it and my primary doctor is super chill about letting him do it, so it’s probably going to happen.

On another note, the nasty wounds on my leg are almost closed- WOO! and I’m close to only using my cane, I’m a step closer to walking by myself.

I exercise as much as I can without hurting myself or my eyes since those needles to the eyes count as surgery.

If you had eye surgery you know you get a dull ache when you’re close to over doing it, yeah, not fun.

My last point today is, does anyone else’s doctors call them a girl? I noticed all of my doctors called me a girl and not young lady or something. It doesn’t ‘annoy’ me, I’m just fascinated by it… You realize I’m 26, right? …. >.>… and in the next month I’m going to be donating my long locks to cancer care and I will be rocking that ‘mom’ hair and looking like a cabbage patch kid with my round face.

If you don’t know what a cabbage patch kid is, you’re too young for me bro :p

Until next time.

Pain demands to be felt.



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