All of the Possibilities

In my last blog I said I was moving Friday and that was at the beginning of November.

We did move to a new building with an elevator, which is a relief for me, I no longer have to walk up three flights of stairs.

I’m not on anti-biotics anymore, I’m still changing my dressing once a day on my ankle, a third of my wounds are scabbed over. I’m in classes now which we are sitting down all day 8AM-4PM, which is why I’m guessing they seem to be healing faster now that I’m not on my feet all day.

I seen doctor Embel, and I am going to see him again on the 19th this month, he said I won’t need a skin graft for my wounds, for those who don’t know a skin graft is taking a thin layer of skin from a different area of the leg or thigh and placing it over the wound, basically sewing the skin to the wound and letting it heal. I was concerned about that as Doctor Robinson kept saying I would need one.

I’m thankful he doesn’t think it’s that bad, but it also means it’ll take longer to heal.
I seen Doctor Robinson on the 21st of November, he say’s it’s smaller and it does look smaller, but again, it’s taking a longer time even with being off my medication for my Arthritis.

I decided it’s best if I take my co-op off and try to find a secretary or assistant job for January- May and move it to late August/Early September. I may graduate late for moving it but I feel I need to heal.

I also think if it gets around in the culinary world that I can’t do my job properly because of this, no one will hire me even when I fully recover, especially where I live, we are constantly told to behave yourself and work hard and fast because the way how little or how much you work are gets around to other chefs.

My boyfriend was offered a job out of province, which means he would be gone a lot but making way more money than he is now, which considering the circumstance of trying to find a desk job before January since I’m not going to co-op means I won’t have an income for those 4 months if I can’t find one. Trust me I always find something.

I remember a few years ago he was working out of province in Fort McMurray, he was gone for two weeks at a time and back for two, that went on for 3 months then he got a job in the city, this new job means he’ll be back on the weekends.

I wouldn’t say everything is falling into place, but everything doesn’t seem so grim all the time anymore, not to me. I still have to stay away from tomato based products as it makes my arthritis worse, but I have a new apartment, a possibility of moving my co-op to heal.

I’m feeling like it’s going to be okay.

“Pain demands to be felt”


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