The fault in our stars

I know this book turned movie had just come out a few weeks ago, and I have to say..

I loved it, there were times I had to stop myself from doing that ugly hyperventilating type crying just because I could relate to the core of me, what was being said or portrayed.

I heard reviews from friends or critics on how it wasn’t very climatic, and boring.

I hear you, and I disagree.

I feel these people that have said the book or the movie are not very good because there is no car chases, or chasing someone to the airport just to say “don’t go I love you”, have never lived with a disease and don’t fully understand that anguish, hope, and disappointment.

These people live normally, while the rest of us live with a disease and sometimes feel unworthy of love because we are not like you, and what kind of person would stay through it all.

Let me explain, I was told in high school by a teacher, that if you have any kind of disease, any at all, not to get married, or have kids, not to even have a significant other because you are going to be a emotional and financial burden on that person, and they didn’t ask for that responsibility.

I was in grade 12 when that was said to the whole class, and I did think that years before, but I never said it out loud and how harsh it was.

You’ve also never heard of a love story where one or both main characters are sick right from the beginning because no one wants to think they can die and want their story to be healthy, and free.

Sometimes when you have a disability you don’t feel worthy of love, and this book/movie had said what I feel.

Screw you, I deserve to be happy and be loved in return despite it all.

That teacher was wrong, that teacher lives in this perfect bubble where no one gets sick.

I love this book/movie because it’s life, it’s what I’ve felt, even though I’m not dying, I’ve felt it.

It’s unfair, ugly, sarcastic, loving, happy and sometimes down right painful to live like that.

I understood it, most people don’t because like I’ve said, you didn’t live like that or even close to it so you can’t fully empathize with how it was suppose to make you feel.

And that’s okay.


“Pain demands to be felt”


2 thoughts on “The fault in our stars”

  1. I’m with you it’s a wonder some people just open their mouths & not check themselves out first before they speak. Everyone deserves to be loved from the moment we are born we need to be loved, touch, told and held. Bravo Shay, if anything you are an inspiration!


  2. You deserve to be happy and you deserve the world Shay. I admire your strength to fulfill your dream of becoming a chef. I LOVED the Fault in our Stars as well. Noone will ever understand how you feel because they have never walked in your shoes. You are an inspiration to many people including myself 🙂


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